The Firm

Pirola Pennuto Zei & Associati was established as an association of professionals in the early 1980s by its founders who, in the 1970s, had been engaged in providing tax and statutory consulting services to companies and multinational groups. It is currently one of the leading independent Firms in Italy.

Our organization has made service quality its distinctive feature through the experience and high professionalism of over 500 professionals who, by combining their technical skills and expertise, provide a wide range of tax, corporate and statutory consulting services, both nationally and internationally, using advanced methodologies and an extensive network of correspondents.

Leveraging the wealth of knowledge and know-how gained over the years, Pirola Pennuto Zei & Associati is recognized as an authoritative partner in business, academic and professional circles, providing synergy, support and mutual enrichment.



The Mission defines our daily decisions and actions and describes clearcut, measurable and attainable goals:

  • To be one of the best professional associations in Italy and abroad;
  • To compete with integrity and independence in conformance with the law and professional ethics;
  • To create value for customers, our people and the communities;
  • To offer professional growth opportunities at all levels to young talents, based on merit and equal opportunities;
  • To make the most of and share know-how and expertise in a spirit of service and responsibility.

The Vision embodies the Firm’s ultimate goal, which may be summed up in the following statement: “To be a big Firm which provides excellent professional advisory services, inspires confidence and contributes to fostering a long-term shared growth.” This Vision reflects our culture and values and inspires all those who, in their activities and interaction with the stakeholders, develop their skills to the best of their ability in a mutual cooperation perspective.


Respect for the law
Our integrity and reputation is based on respect for and compliance with the laws, regulations and requirements in effect in the countries where we operate. It is prohibited to provide assistance and support to transactions that may involve the firm in illegal activities and it is the personal responsibility of each professional who is part of the organization to know the laws, regulations and obligations associated with their work, since failure to comply with such regulations can result in civil or criminal penalties.

Ethical conduct
When activities are not regulated by laws, regulations or requirements, in order to ensure the highest ethical standards for our clients, we ask our partners to respect the principles of fairness, transparency and honesty: it is not possible to impose or accept any objective that can only be achived by compromising these principles.

Accountability for one's activities
Aware of the importance of promoting an ethical conduct, we communicate our responsibilities in a clear, accurate, honest and complete way and we provide answers, individually and collectively, on the decisions and activities of our organization that affect shareholders and have an impact on the company.

Respect for the interests of shareholders
The value of our relationships with our partners lies in the constant attention we pay to their requests. Relationships with clients and the business community, relations with authorities, institutions, academia, industry associations and non-profit organizations are a valuable asset that we safeguard with a strict approach of seriousness, integrity and accountability.

Rights and Equal Opportunities
At all levels, staff and partners of the firm must respect the laws and rules that prohibit any form of discrimination based on age, race, sex, ethnic origin, nationality, religion, health, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or political opinion. Selection and recruitment is based solely on skills and qualifications.

Summary of 2017 KPIs



Fidiger S.p.A. Revisione ed Organizzazione Aziendale, founded in 1970, operates in Italy through its offices in Milan and Rome. Fidiger has a staff of about 100 employees providing administrative and accounting support activities as well as management control, for businesses and companies.

Most Fidiger employees have third-level qualifications, knowledge of at least one foreign language, and their professionalism is constantly updated and supplemented with specialized courses.

A number of employees are also members of the Association of Chartered Accountants and the Register of Auditors.


The Studio di Revisori Associati is a professional association which operates in the area of statutory audit.

The Studio di Revisori Associati focuses in particular on the legal control of the companies' activities, carried out through the presence of its associates on the Boards of Auditors of a number of prestigious companies.